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Adam Goode adam at
Wed Apr 20 21:50:32 EDT 2011


Does openslide-show-properties give an error message? You need to run
it on the .mrxs file, which should be in the directory above where
your files are.

If you do not have an mrxs file, try this:

1. Make sure the directory with the data files for the slide doesn't
contain any other files.
2. Create an empty file that has the name of the directory with .mrxs appended.
3. Put that file next to the directory.
4. Try OpenSlide on the mrxs file.


Directory with slidedat.ini and other files is called "slide001".
Make a file called slide001.mrxs.
Put slide001.mrxs in the same place as the slide001 directory.


On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 17:00,  <ajwood at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to OpenSlide and am trying to figure out if it's useful for me. I'd like
> to downsample some MIRAX slides and convert them to a standard image type
> (perhaps a series jpeg tiles). I've been trying to use the tools that come with
> the openslide distribution, like openslide-show-properties, to read my MIRAX
> data but have had no success.
> Each digital slide I'm working with contains the following:
>   - Index.dat
>   - Slidedat.ini
>   - 24 .dat files
> My main question is whether or not OpenSlide is a library that can help me
> convert slides out of the proprietary MIRAX format. I'm also curious about the
> format of my MIRAX slides compared to the ".mrxs" to which the OpenSlide
> documentation references.
> Thanks,
> Andrew
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