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Elena Villalon villalel at
Wed Jul 7 13:24:38 EDT 2010

Hello Adam, I work at CINJ in the group of Biomedical Imaging (Dr.
Foram). I am learning how to use your openslide software, and I have
downloaded the Java source code and the Win 32 binaries 

OpenSlide Java interface 0.9.1 (still unstable API, subject to change)


and the Win 32:	27-Apr-2010 12:16

However when I open the jar file that comes in the,
the code does not correspond to the src code that you have in the Java
interface 0.9.1
I can run your win32 jar file but I cannot read the source code because
you only have the class files and no source code.
Then I put the libraries (.dll files) that comes with the jar file of in the package openslide-java 0.9.1 and compile with
ant but cannot get the application running as the Java code in the two
downloads is different.  Could you please provide me with the Java
source code that you are using with
Do you have any documentation or tutorials for installation and getting
started for OpenSlide that could help me. 
Elena Villalon
cell (978)9303410

Elena Villalon
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The Cancer Institute of New Jersey
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