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tom nygen ca95129 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 1 18:52:54 EST 2010

Hello Adam,

Since the OpenLayer.org library conveniently support the Zoomify format, 
I have developed a web based whole slide Viewer based on this library 
and have also seen a number of other sophisticated slide 
viewers/annotation tool based on the same library. It would be ideal if 
OpenSlide has a utility that converts the supported propriety scanner 
formats in to Zoomify so that two open source communities OpenSlide and 
OpenLayer can leverage each other development efforts. I have written a 
quick and dirty Zoomify converter based on OpenSlide which basically 
works but has occasionally some black tiles that I could not fully 
investigate. If there is some resources available, I can send my code 
(on Ubuntu) to OpenSlide to get a quick start and to optimize it. I also 
can provide a rudimentary web viewer based on OpenLayer for testing 

On another note, I recently visited the Digital Pathology Conference in 
San Diego and saw a number of new scanners on the market. Leica is one 
of the new scanners that claims to have superior speed and quality. 
Their file format is unfortunately propriety, but they say that it is a 
wrapper of TIFF layers. Maybe that is not too difficult to support as 
the Mirax format which I am currently working with. Is there any effort 
to provide support for Leica SCN format underway at OpenSlide ?

Thank you very much again for your efforts at OpenSlide.

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