backupd and sync_client IOERROR

ellie timoney ellie at
Wed Jul 8 00:23:12 EDT 2020

Hi Marco,

On Tue, Jul 7, 2020, at 12:17 AM, Marco wrote:
> I copied the content of the failing mailbox into another mailbox with a 
> name without dots:

Oh that's very curious.  It suggests that something about the mailbox contents is causing it to fail under -A but not under -u.  I was hoping it would just be the dot in the name, cause something like that should be fairly easy to reproduce and debug.  But it's sounding like it'll be more difficult!

It might be worth running "mbexamine" over some of these mailboxes -- both some that work correctly, and the ones that are misbehaving -- and see if any interesting patterns emerge?  The man page is here:

> > Does it fail in the same way replicating to a normal replica, instead of a backup server?
> At this moment I don't have a normal replica server yet. I'll try...

Thanks. I think this will be important for figuring out whether the problem is replication generally, or backupd specific.



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