backupd and sync_client IOERROR

Marco falon at
Mon Jul 6 10:17:53 EDT 2020


On 03/07/2020 05:08, ellie timoney has written:
> I notice that the users that worked correctly with "sync_client -A" don't have dots in their address localparts.  If you create another user that also has a dot, does it fail under -A in the same way?

I copied the content of the failing mailbox into another mailbox with a 
name without dots:

	springsteen at

and the result is the same:

# sync_client -A -n bck -z -v

USER springsteen at
Error from do_user(springsteen at bailing out!

2020-07-06T15:31:51.538935+02:00 tst-msg03-bck backupd[2234574]: login: [] cyr_backup LOGIN User logged in
2020-07-06T15:31:51.576283+02:00 tst-msg03-bck backupd[2234574]: 
creating sql_db /var/spool/cyr_backup/s/springsteen at example.com_t8Yjcb.index
2020-07-06T15:36:57.552290+02:00 tst-msg03 cyrus/sync_client[17488]: 
MESSAGE received NO response: IMAP_PROTOCOL_ERROR Protocol error
2020-07-06T15:36:57.753294+02:00 tst-msg03 cyrus/sync_client[17488]: 
do_folders(): update failed:!user.springsteen 'Bad protocol'
2020-07-06T15:36:57.758121+02:00 tst-msg03 cyrus/sync_client[17488]: 
IOERROR: do_user_main: Bad protocol for springsteen at to [no 
channel] (
2020-07-06T15:36:57.765868+02:00 tst-msg03 cyrus/sync_client[17488]: 
Error in do_user(springsteen at bailing out!

Instead, if I do:

# sync_client -n bck -z -v -u springsteen at

USER springsteen at

the program replicates as well and without any errors.

> Does it fail in the same way replicating to a normal replica, instead of a backup server?

At this moment I don't have a normal replica server yet. I'll try...

Thank you very much


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