Confused about Deleted and Expunged

Horst Häberlen hh at
Fri Jan 17 10:13:41 EST 2020

Hi M.Menge ,

> I suspect a confusion about "marked as Deleted", Expunged and Expired
> See  
> of more information.
> E-Mails "marked as Deleted" need to be Expunged by the imap
> The cyr_expire cmd is for removing Expunged mails from the index and disk
> if  "expunge_mode: delayed" is used, which is the default since 2.5
> You may want to take a look at the "/vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/expire"  
> mailbox annotation

My command "/usr/lib/cyrus/bin/ipurge -f -X -d 100 user/test/spam at testdomain.tld"
gives me:

Working on user/test/spam at testdomain.tld...
Total messages                   9214
Total bytes                      191140555
Deleted messages                 1
Deleted bytes                    2250912
Remaining messages               9213
Remaining bytes                  188889643

So i see it markin as /Deleted works. Access by imap client gives the number 9213. But in
the filesystem there are many more files in the spam folder: 9213 which can be 'seen' and
many more which are marked as /Deleted.

The command "/usr/sbin/cyrus expire -E 4 -D 28 -X 28" should Expunge (which is, what i
suppose, removing from filesystem) the /Deleted marked files.

Am i wrong?


Horst Häberlen
Kirchenstr. 16
74639 Zweiflingen

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