FWD: Confused about Deleted and Expunged

Horst Häberlen hh at promedia-sds.de
Fri Jan 17 07:35:58 EST 2020

Hi Nikos,

> does it really say "/usr/sbin/cyrus expire" in your cyrus.conf? That
> can't work. The command is named cyr_expire on my system, and it
> definitely does not have a space in its name.

YES there is no space in the name, it seems to be a parameter for cyrus.

This command seems to work on Ubuntu 18.04. (cyrus-imapd 2.5.10-3ubuntu1)

In /usr/sbin there is no cyr_expire but now i found a /usr/lib/cyrus/bin/cyr_expire

The result is the same, no files were deleted, the log file entry is the same as when i
use the "/usr/sbin/cyrus expire [..]" command

Can anybody confirm this "/usr/sbin/cyrus expire [..]" command on Ubuntu?


Horst Häberlen
Kirchenstr. 16
74639 Zweiflingen

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