Sieve admin account doesn't work anymore

Rainer Ruprechtsberger ruprechtsberger at
Tue Feb 18 07:43:49 EST 2020


> You're trying to use "proxy authentication". That only works with some
> SASL mechanisms, not all of them. 

Yes, I know, we use "PLAIN" which does support that.

> Perhaps try the same with imtest and
> observe what mechanism is used? imtest is much more verbose than sieveshell.

Thank you very much - I did not know of these tools. In the end
debugging with sivtest yielded results:

Since the upgrade my groupware (SOGo) did not want to talk TLS with
cyrus (gnutls vs. openssl problem most likely) and so I added plain
listeners on the internal mailcluster network.

However: sieve login works but cyrus refuses to proxy authenticate with
an ssf of 0.

I ended up using perdition as sort of TLS upgrade proxy. Works fine and
removes the need for a second imapd.conf that I would need to keep in sync.

Thanks again,

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