ACL on root mailbox

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Tue Feb 11 09:14:13 EST 2020

Le 07/02/2020 à 11:35:10+0100, Paolo Cravero a écrit
> Hello Albert.
> > I would like to known what kind of ACL you give on a shared mailbox. My
> > problem is :
> >
> >   I have some users who are admin on the mailbox, it's needed because those
> >   admin-user can create sub folder.
> >
> >   But some user make mistake time to time and move the mailbox under some
> >   other mailbox
> [...]
> > So how can I give enough rights to someone to let he manage their mailbox
> > but prevent this kind of wrong manipulation.
> See for an explanation of ACL levels.
> I think "lrswc" could do in your case, for non-admin users. You may add "i" and/or "t" and "e", depending on the way they operate on the shared mailbox (copy mails into | delete mail from the folder).

Yes...I follow this documentation.

Currently I run with lrswipktecd it seem that do the trick but the problem
is when the user(admin) create a submailbox he cannot delete it if he make
a mistake.

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