ACL on root mailbox

Albert Shih Albert.Shih at
Thu Feb 6 11:32:33 EST 2020

Hi everyone,

I would like to known what kind of ACL you give on a shared mailbox. My
problem is :

  I have some users who are admin on the mailbox, it's needed because those
  admin-user can create sub folder.

  But some user make mistake time to time and move the mailbox under some
  other mailbox




and the problem of course is the mail for mailbox2 go to /dev/null.

So how can I give enough rights to someone to let he manage their mailbox
but prevent this kind of wrong manipulation.

Albert SHIH
Observatoire de Paris
xmpp: jas at
Heure local/Local time:
Thu 06 Feb 2020 05:24:57 PM CET

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