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On Wed, Jul 10, 2019, at 19:11, Egoitz Aurrekoetxea wrote:
> Good morning,
> In previous thread (with the title slightly incorrect) I talk about an issue suffered some day with Sieve script and folder subscriptions. The Sieve part, was related to the migration, so for the moment let’s forget about it (for me at least) as it has never reproduced again since then.

Sorry, I missed the previous thread. Did you mention which version of Cyrus you are running? There's clearly a bug and it would be good to know which version(s) it affects.

> About the folder subscription issue, I think I got something, at least a close approximation... When a user causes in mua a rename mailbox (a rename for a folder caused by a folder move in hierarchy), after the own rename, if folders were subscribed “should” (for the "plain user" at least) become subscribed in the new path. It seems that after a user rename in Cyrus the new folder is automatically subscribed (even if no subscribe command is sent by the mua). But this, does not cause in the replica (in the slave, if SUB is not sent by the client) a sync_apply_changesub() or something like entering in the “ move_subscription” condition in mboxlist_renamemailbox(), and then, the folder is properly renamed but not subscribed in the slave. I think this is what I’m suffering. Obviously, if after a rename the mua sends a subscribe too, no issue is seen. I think the problem happens when a mailbox rename happens and a SUB is not send later.

Subscriptions aren't automatically renamed when a folder is renamed, but they should be automatically renamed for a user rename. Intermediate replicated states can be bit messy due to race conditions with replication, but I believe it should always wind up in the final correct state. If not, that's a bug for sure!

> An example : 
> The folder!user.parta^partb.Archives.2019.TRAFICO.CHINA.XINGANG is moved (renamed) to trash.
> May 16 16:16:50 mx6c imap[83976]: conversations_rename_folder: renamed!user.parta^partb.Archives.2019.TRAFICO.CHINA.XINGANG to!user.parta^partb.Trash.XINGANG
> May 16 16:16:50 mx6c imap[83976]: Rename:!user.parta^partb.Archives.2019.TRAFICO.CHINA.XINGANG ->!user.parta^partb.Trash.XINGANG
> May 16 16:16:50 mx6c imap[83976]: Deleted mailbox!user.parta^partb.Archives.2019.TRAFICO.CHINA.XINGANG
> In the master (sync), the folder in Trash is subscribed but in the slave it is not, and remains subscribed the folder in the original location in the “____.sub” file.

This might just be a matter of failing to sync_log the subscription in that codepath. Hmm...

But there is a question of whether we should even be renaming the subscription - RFC3501 is a little silent on this issue, but it does say in a couple of places that the server MUST NOT remove a subscription even if the mailbox with that name doesn't exist, which makes renaming subscriptions a bit unclear. I'll check in with the authors of draft-ietf-extra-imap4rev2 and ask for this to be clarified next time around!

> A diff between the master (replication client) .sub file and the slave’s one is (mx5 is the master, the client and 6 the slave): 
> --- subscripciones-mx5c/parta.partb.sub 2019-07-10 08:47:29.000000000 +0200
> +++ subscripciones-mx6c/parta.partb.sub 2019-07-10 08:48:08.000000000 +0200
> Perhaps a move_subscription to one or sync_apply_changesub should be forced in order to fix it?. I have seen issues with Outlook 2016 and Thunderbird… both mua… perhaps by RFC they should send the SUB command but… it’s the only theory I could arrive to… I have a ton more cases like this one.. Data gets properly handled but subscriptions have this issue (perhaps we could say is a mua issue but….)..

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