Issues with replication and folder/Sieve subscription

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Wed Jul 10 03:20:04 EDT 2019

Le 09/07/2019 à 22:44:19+0200, Egoitz Aurrekoetxea a écrit

> If instead of -A you used -u for each of your users did it worked? Or did it

If I remember correctly (but I not sure) this is how I find out the

  Try time -A, notice it crash,

    so try -u first_user, notice it work

      try again -A, notice it crash again (second user)

        try -u second_user, notice it work,

          try -A, notice it crash but for the nth>>1 user

            try -u (n+1)th user notice it work

  try to find the difference between nth user who crash and the (n-1)th
  user who work, find out the only difference is the presence of sieve

  Try the infinite loop with -A.

So in fact I never really try the -u with a non working user.

> crashed in the same user as with -A?. Which Cyrus version were you running?.

Don't sure but something like 3.0.4 (or 3.0.5)

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