Sync crash with bailing out

Albert Shih Albert.Shih at
Fri Jan 18 09:26:58 EST 2019

Hi everyone,

My sync_client crash just after start with this message

[root at imap-mirror-p /var/imap/sync/log]# /usr/local/cyrus/sbin/sync_client -S imap-mirror-m-tmp -A -v
MAILBOXES shared.some_folder
MAILBOX shared.some_folder
Error from do_user(shared.some_folder): bailing out!
[root at imap-mirror-p /var/imap/sync/log]#

And indeed I don't have a user name shared.some_folder....

Any help..... ?

Albert SHIH
Observatoire de Paris
xmpp: jas at
Heure local/Local time:
Fri Jan 18 15:21:12 CET 2019

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