Big problem with replication

Albert Shih Albert.Shih at
Wed Jan 16 12:26:11 EST 2019

Le 16/01/2019 à 17:10:30+0100, Egoitz Aurrekoetxea a écrit
> Good afternoon,
> I would try doing it user by user (with -u). This way you would have all synced
> except the problematic mailbox.

Hi, thanks for the help. 

I got some progress in my problem :

>       [root at imap-mirror-p /bals/DELETED]# /usr/local/cyrus/sbin/sync_client -S
>     slave_3 -A -v
>       Error from do_user(DELETED.DIO.5AEAD6F9): bailing out!
>       [root at imap-mirror-p /bals/DELETED]#
>     and the DIO folder don't event exist
>       [root at imap-mirror-p /bals/DELETED]# ls DIO
>       ls: DIO: No such file or directory
>       [root at imap-mirror-p /bals/DELETED]#

For some strange reason the I was unable to destroy the mailbox either
(with cyradm), so I copy some junk mailbox on the filesystem, and run
reconstruct and finally I'm was able to destroy those mailbox.

But that's not really solve my problem because now when I run the
sync_client he crash at the beginning with a shared mailbox. It stop with 

[root at imap-mirror-p /usr/home/jas-adm]# /usr/local/cyrus/sbin/sync_client -S imap-mirror-m-tmp -A -v
MAILBOXES shared.*****
MAILBOX shared.*****
Error from do_user(shared.*****): bailing out!
[root at imap-mirror-p /usr/home/jas-adm]# 

I've no idea if it's normal or not. I don't think so, because the first
level (Master -- replica --> slave_1) work well event with thoses

Any help would be very welcome.

Albert SHIH
Heure local/Local time:
Wed Jan 16 18:11:53 CET 2019

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