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Hi Javier!, 

Sorry for the delay and many many thanks for your ideas :) 



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El 18-12-2018 13:50, Javier Angulo escribió:

> On 12/18/18 12:15 PM, Binarus wrote: On 15.12.2018 17:05, Nic Bernstein wrote: On 12/13/18 9:52 AM, Egoitz Aurrekoetxea wrote: I was trying to upgrade part of our Cyrus imap installation,
> concretely that one consisting in still 2.3. I was planning to set up
> Cyrus 3.0. I have seen all works properly except for the unexpunge
> command because as someone stated here, a reconstruct -V max was
> needed.The problem is that this reconstruct command, takes ages and
> I'm not able to keep the service offline so many time. So I have been
> thinking in the following scenario :
> Egoitz,
> As long as you've followed all of the various steps needed to account
> for version changes, as outlined in the Release Notes for /all/
> intermediary releases, then the last step should be the updating of the
> indexes.  Rather than running "reconstruct -V max" on all mailboxes at
> once, simply run it on subsets.  We've done this on large installations
> without ill effect.  You can have the service on line during the
> reconstruct, and, as you note, have most all functionality present.
 In my case, before the reconstruct had finished, I had several problems
which might be not acceptable for large organizations.

For example, users could not move messages between folders in their
mailbox. I would consider this quite basic functionality, because
deleting a message (with most clients) also means moving it (to trash).
Functionality was back not before the reconstruct had finished
Apart from those we also had some weird problems with the message sort
order (using roundcube) before reconstruct was run.

We split the mailboxes reconstruction into 8 parallel jobs (IO on the
mailbox spool is the limit if you go from 2.3 -> 2.4/3.0). If you ran
the reconstruction online, once finished I would suggest to check again
all indexes version (some reconstruction jobs fail).

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