LDAP auth and ptloader

Willem Offermans Willem at Offermans.Rompen.nl
Tue Apr 23 07:43:04 EDT 2019

Dear Cyrus Friends and Sven,

I don’t know if this is of any help.

I have setup saslauthd to do LDAP authentication of Cyrus.

Now I’m at this point. I know this is off-topic:

LDAP is a database and not developed to do authentication.
Radius is developed to do AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting).
Radius can do authentication in many different ways with many different databases.
Is it possible to do authentication with radius, for example freeradius?

Wiel Offermans
Willem at Offermans.Rompen.nl

> On 23 Apr 2019, at 11:45, Sven Schwedas <sven.schwedas at tao.at> wrote:
> I'm trying to set up direct LDAP auth via auth_meth=pts, but on start I
> always get "ptload(): can't connect to ptloader server: No such file or
> directory" as error. The directory for ptloader_sock exists and is the
> same as for all other sockets, so there shouldn't be any permission
> problems with the socket.
> I suppose I need to somehow manually start up ptloader via cyrus.conf,
> but there's no documentation and nothing I can find in the mailing list
> archives as to *how*? What am I missing?
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