sync_client crash with sieve

Albert Shih Albert.Shih at
Fri May 18 15:41:35 EDT 2018

Le 18/05/2018 à 09:54:14+1000, Bron Gondwana a écrit
> It sounds like the sieve file might be incorrect in some way?  Either it

Some are very very simple (forward -> external address).

> doesn't parse with the current version of sievec, or it's got the wrong
> permissions, or even the wrong naming.  On our servers we have:
> websieve.script
> websievebc
> defaultbc -> websievebc

I not sure, but all the sieve script was copied with :

  rsync from old server
  /usr/local/cyrus/sbin/sievec sogo.sieve sogo.bc
  ln -s sogo.bc defaultbc

I'm even try to use it by sending a email and those sieve seem working.

And more strange some time if I launch again sync_client they pass the
sieve, sometime I need to delete the sieve to make sycn_client work again.

> If you have sieve scripts which aren't correctly laid out to how Cyrus expects,
> that could maybe cause sync to abort because it doesn't know how to replicate
> that layout.

Ok. Is they are any way to exclude sieve in the replication process ?



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