Backup methods

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at
Thu May 10 15:38:22 EDT 2018

>>>>> "A" == Anatoli  <me at> writes:

A> What you mention is highly related to the replication backup
A> we were talking about in the previous mails.

Well, sort of.  It is a method that is actually focused around doing
backups.  It happens to make use of the replication protocol because
that is actually the smart way to do it.  I did detail the differences
in my message.

A> In both cases, a copy of the master data is made, which requires
A> twice the space of real usage (Cyrus Backups tries to apply
A> compression on stored data, not sure how well it works).

As I mentioned, the documentation discusses this.

A> What is really needed, IMO, for SME environments is the ability for
A> Cyrus to sync to disk all data, so one can take a hot copy of that
A> data with standard UNIX tools and then handle it accordingly. Once a
A> recovery is needed, one just copies a backup to the Cyrus dir and
A> starts the service.

Honestly I believe that's the wrong way to go about it, but it's
certainly one way to do things if you have no backup solution integrated
into the software.  But hey, it's your data.  I only wanted to mention
that there really is an existing backup solution which wasn't being

 - J<

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