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Le 05/05/2018 à 16:01:31+0200, Robert Stepanek a écrit

> On Fri, May 4, 2018, at 14:48, Albert Shih wrote:
> > Is they are any way to make a test to know if xapian work or not ?
> Cyrus comes with two binaries that will tell you its build and
> runtime configuration:
> E.g. running
>     $ /usr/cyrus/sbin/cyr_buildinfo
> on my development server yields a JSON-formatted output about Cyrus
> build config. Look for something like
>    "search": {
>     "squat": true, "xapian": true, "xapian_flavor": "cyruslibs"
>   },

So I get

  "search": {
    "squat": true,
    "sphinx": false,
    "xapian": true,
    "xapian_flavor": "vanilla"

I don't know if vanilla are a correct value of xapian_flavor, I would say
yes because vanilla are ... a flavor...and a flavor of xapian.

> to check if Xapian is enabled in the build (presumably, yes, since
> you have *.glass databases in your directories).
> Next, cyr_info will tell you, if xapian got enabled indeed at
> runtime:
>     $ /usr/cyrus/sbin/cyr_info -C  <your-config-dir>/imapd.conf
>     conf-all | grep search
> should yield something like
>     [...]  search_engine: xapian

I got that too

  search_batchsize: 8192
  search_engine: xapian
  search_index_headers: no

> Next, make sure that the IMAP commands submitted by your clients
> are using SEARCH FUZZY. You might want to inspect the IMAP telemetry
> to check this.

I will check that.

> If all these checks passed, there shouldn't be any reason why Cyrus
> should not use Xapian during search. One might want to enable verbose
> logging for search then, but unfortunately, that's currently not
> a runtime-option.


Just one question, are the xapian handle all search ? Including body search ?

Thanks a lot


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