CPU usage issue with Append command (cyrus 3.0.6)

Andrew Nichols andrew-lists at quadrant.net
Tue May 8 14:04:10 EDT 2018


We've recently upgrade to cyrus 3.0.6 and we've been experiencing issue 
where imapd will get stuck in an Append and take 100% CPU time.  The 
client doesn't see anything weird.  I've tried leaving the processes to 
see if they resolve, but they never did.  Doing a kill -TERM twice will 
kill the process.   I did not notice any issues with cyrus 3.0.5, but 
we've been trying to get Xapian indexing going, so we moved to 3.0.6.

Does anyone have any information on where I can look to rectify this 

Here's an example of the ps output:

87556 cyrus 1 102 0 163M 24192K CPU7 7 1:56 96.71% imapd: imap: <client 
hostname> [<clientip>] <username> user.<username>.<folder1> Append 
89680 cyrus 1 102 0 163M 24280K CPU4 4 3:10 96.22% imapd: imap: <client 
hostname> [<clientip>] <username> user.<username>.<folder2> Append 
43932 cyrus 1 102 0 161M 23416K CPU5 5 1:41 96.17% imapd: imap: <client 
hostname> [<clientip>] <username> user.<username>.<folder3> Append 
81590 cyrus 1 102 0 163M 24976K CPU6 6 3:14 94.76% imapd: imap: <client 
hostname> [<clientip>] <username> user.<username>.<folder4> Append 

Andrew Nichols
Quadrant Newmedia
andrew at quadrant.net

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