Moving mailboxes from CIMAP-2.3.16 to CIMAP-3.0.5

Niels Dettenbach nd at
Tue May 8 03:52:08 EDT 2018

Am Montag, 7. Mai 2018, 22:26:19 CEST schrieb James B. Byrne via Info-cyrus:
> I have tried moving things over using imapsync-1.836 and while this
> appears to work we end up with vastly enlarged user mailbox sizes.
> Also I cannot see the quota setting for most users although a few are
> reported.
Did you checked / compared file sizes in the mailboxes - i.e. of single mails 
and cyrus.* files? Possibly this is file system related (i.e. max number of 
inodes or block size etc.) under the FeeBSD system (which filesystem do you 

imapsync works well, if i.e. authenticated by a cyrus admin user (for all 
accounts) in a single transfer. if you faced to problems with timestamps of 
emails in mailclients, you may hace to use "--addheader" to regeneate the 
timestamps from the mails during tansfer. 

But before you start to migrate mailbox contents you have to migrate the 
cyrus databases - i.e. mailboxlist, quotas.db etc.) - this usually means 
exporting / importing mailboxlist, quotas etc. from the regarding database 
files from cyrus.

see i.e.:

rsync is difficult as the cyus.* files in the mailboxes may be binary or API 
incompatible and the cyus partitioning / storage directoy layout has to be 
the same on the new system. Even filesystem diferences aspects could make 

If you have sieve, you have to sync the sieve pool by i.e. rsync, but have to 
make shure the diectoy layout is the same and "refresh" the sieve pool then.

> I then restarted the process and used rsync natively with --hard-links
> in order to see if that reduced the disc space. Following the rsync of
> all the user mailboxes I re-initialised

> At a guess this means that all of the user mailbox quota settings are
> gone.  However,  I would expect the usage to be shown. And is there
> not a default quota?
Thee is no "quota" as default in cyus. You have to migrate your quotas 
(quotas.db) before you start to sync mailbox contents.

hth a bit,

good luck,


 Niels Dettenbach
 Syndicat IT & Internet

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