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Mon Jan 22 20:09:40 EST 2018

On 01/22/2018 07:55 PM, Heiler Bemerguy via Info-cyrus wrote:
>>> The way I interpret it is that the / means unixhierarchysep is on.
>>> Just tested this on 2.4.18 and the same thing happens. When you 
>>> rename back no messages are listed and reconstruct does nothing.
>> Ah. As suspected the rights are wrong. You just need to set the rights 
>> back to the real user. You probably need to use / instead of .
>> localhost> lam user.test
>> testtodelete lrswipkxtecda
>> localhost> sam user.test test lrswipkxtecda
>> localhost> lam user.test
>> testtodelete lrswipkxtecda
>> test lrswipkxtecda
>> localhost> sam user.test testtodelete ''
>> localhost> lam user.test
>> test lrswipkxtecda
> localhost> lam user/asaude
> asaudetodelete lrswipkxtecda
> localhost> lam user/ana^claudia
> ana.claudiatodelete lrswipkxtecda
> localhost>
> OMG it's completely borked. Why did it happen? How it changed to 
> "TODELETE" but didn't change back hours later?!?

Just looks like a bug.

  Maybe was the capital
> letters?!

Yup. I tested and using capital letters causes this behaviour.

> Then I'll have to change one by one? with "sam"? Could you please 
> explain what you did? I understood the LAMs but didn't the SAMs lol it 
> seems in your case you had two acls?! a right and a wrong?

You will have to change the rights somehow. Should be able to do it with 
a PHP or perl script.

Correct, need to remove the wrong ACL and put the correct one on. For 

sam user/asaude asaudetodelete ''
sam user/asaude asaude lrswipkxtecda

First sam deletes the wrong ACL, second sam adds the correct one.

Of course those only get the InBox. For folders you will have to also do 
something like:

sam user/asaude/* asaudetodelete ''
sam user/asaude/* asaude lrswipkxtecda
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