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Dan White dwhite at
Mon Jan 22 16:46:20 EST 2018

On 01/22/18 17:44 -0300, Heiler Bemerguy via Info-cyrus wrote:
>imap_renamemailbox($mbox, "$mailbox", "$mailbox"."TODELETE")

Was this performed as an admin?

>Some mailboxes were erroneusly renamed to "loginTODELETE" and I need 
>to put them back to the original name.
>I reverted this command, like: imap_renamemailbox($mbox, 
>"$mailbox"."TODELETE", "$mailbox")
>And the mailbox seems to be there with the correct name. It lists all 
>folders, but they all show up as EMPTY.
>We use roundcube as client and it always says "no messages was found"
>I've already tried like "cyrus reconstruct -r -f user/personlogin" 
>with no luck !!!

What is your Cyrus version, and what does a sanitized copy of your
imapd.conf look like?

If you have unixhierarchysep turned off, then you'd want:

cyrreconstruct -r -f user.personlogin

Please make sure you have a backup of the current state of your mailstore
before proceeding, in addition to whatever backups you had prior to

>I've noticed the cyrus.index file still mention the TODELETE name..
>cat cyrus.header
>Cyrus mailbox header
>"The best thing about this system was that it had lots of goals."
>        --Jim Morris on Andrew
>user.iury^pinto 78e57a515a664ca1

The '^' implies you have unixhierarchysep turned off, based on this:

See the /doc/internal documentation within the source as well.

>iury.pintotodelete      lrswipkxtecda

Dan White

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