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Heiler Bemerguy heiler.bemerguy at
Mon Jan 22 15:44:13 EST 2018

Hi guys,

I used a php script with this command:

imap_renamemailbox($mbox, "$mailbox", "$mailbox"."TODELETE")

Some mailboxes were erroneusly renamed to "loginTODELETE" and I need to 
put them back to the original name.

I reverted this command, like: imap_renamemailbox($mbox, 
"$mailbox"."TODELETE", "$mailbox")

And the mailbox seems to be there with the correct name. It lists all 
folders, but they all show up as EMPTY.

We use roundcube as client and it always says "no messages was found"

I've already tried like "cyrus reconstruct -r -f user/personlogin" with 
no luck !!!

I've noticed the cyrus.index file still mention the TODELETE name..

like this:

cat cyrus.header
Cyrus mailbox header
"The best thing about this system was that it had lots of goals."
         --Jim Morris on Andrew
user.iury^pinto 78e57a515a664ca1

iury.pintotodelete      lrswipkxtecda

How can I fix it ???

Atenciosamente / Best Regards,

Heiler Bemerguy
Network Manager - CINBESA
55 91 98151-4894/3184-1751

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