Replicated RENAME leaves "empty" entry in mailboxes.db

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at
Mon Feb 26 13:37:59 EST 2018


>> [4:11pm] hagedose: user.testuser-clotho1.diesisteintest	16 (null)
> This sounds like it's the tombstone entry for the deleted mailbox (i.e. a
> record that there used to be a mailbox with that name).  I believe
> tombstones are relatively new, in which case the master server might not
> have one just because it's an older build.  Off the top of my head I'm
> not sure what version they appeared in, but I think ~2.5.

that explanation makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

> I might be totally wrong here.  My understanding how tombstones appear to
> administrators is pretty woolly/nonexistent, so I'm guessing.  Hoping
> someone more familiar with these can chime in.
> We don't really seem to have any documentation about them, so that would
> be a good thing to put together.  I've raised
> for this, so we
> don't forget to do it :)

Thank you!
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