Replicated RENAME leaves "empty" entry in mailboxes.db

ellie timoney ellie at
Sun Feb 25 20:05:46 EST 2018


> [4:11pm] hagedose: user.testuser-clotho1.diesisteintest	16 (null)

This sounds like it's the tombstone entry for the deleted mailbox (i.e. a record that there used to be a mailbox with that name).  I believe tombstones are relatively new, in which case the master server might not have one just because it's an older build.  Off the top of my head I'm not sure what version they appeared in, but I think ~2.5.

I might be totally wrong here.  My understanding how tombstones appear to administrators is pretty woolly/nonexistent, so I'm guessing.  Hoping someone more familiar with these can chime in.

We don't really seem to have any documentation about them, so that would be a good thing to put together.  I've raised for this, so we don't forget to do it :)



On Thu, Feb 22, 2018, at 8:30 PM, Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:
> Hi,
> I asked this question on IRC yesterday, but I didn't get any response. 
> Maybe someone here knows?
> [4:08pm] hagedose: Is it expected behavior that a replicated RENAME leaves 
> an „empy“ mboxlist entry?
> [4:08pm] hagedose: We’re experimenting with replication from a 2.4.20 
> server to a 3.0.5 server.
> [4:09pm] hagedose: We used sync_client -u to replicate a user, then deleted 
> a mailbox on the master and synced again, to find out if the delet would be 
> sent to the replica.
> [4:10pm] hagedose: It is sent: „APPLY RENAME %(OLDMBOXNAME 
> user.testuser-clotho1.diesisteintest NEWMBOXNAME 
> DELETED.user.testuser-clotho1.diesisteintest.5A8D8932 PARTITION imap2“
> [4:10pm] hagedose: On the master the original mailbox doesn’t appear in 
> ctl_mboxlist -d, but on the replica it looks like this now:
> [4:11pm] hagedose: user.testuser-clotho1.diesisteintest	16 (null)
> [4:12pm] hagedose: I’m not sure if that is harmless or not?!
> FWIW, when I do an IMAP LIST for that account, the mailbox with the 
> "(null)" partition is not listed. So I guess it's just cosmetic, but I'd 
> like to be sure it won't cause problems down the road.
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