Mailboxes messed up after migration

Hiago Prata hcprata at
Tue Feb 20 09:36:49 EST 2018

> This sounds like that the timestamps have to be "recalculated" from the mail
> headers of the emails to get the correct timestamps back on them. I typically
> use imapsync for this and imapsync has a integrated option / switch for this
> to do this automatically.

Cyrus really recalculated the messages timestamps. 
But it was just a matter of changing the display order of the mail

Other thing that users are complaining about right now is that they
might not 
be able to delete some of their messages. Here is the alert they've got:

> Error on Server: UID COPY: Fatal error: Internal error: assertion failed:
> imaplmailbox.c: 2850: !message_guid_isnull(&record->guid)

I've read something about it already, and found that using reconstruct
-rG could
help. But turns out it just points out which messages have a GUID
mismatch. And 
it says using the -R would fix it, but it actually just clear the
messages' seen states
and users still face the exclusion issue. 

This is a sample output for RECONSTRUCT -RG USER/USER at DOMAIN.COM:

>!user.USER.ANTISPAM uid 478 guid mismatch
> run reconstruct with -R to fix or -U to remove

And this is a sample output for RECONSTRUCT -RGR USER/USER at DOMAIN.COM:

>!user.USER.BACKUP_NETWORKER uid 12478 guid mismatch
>!user.USER.BACKUP_NETWORKER uid 12478 marking for uid upgrade
>!user.USER.BACKUP_NETWORKER uid 12478 rediscovered - appending

Here is the other message [1] I've sent to the list about how the
migration was done. 

Any thoughts about that?

Hiago Prata
Graduando em Engenharia da Computação
DataCenter da UFPA - CTIC
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Computação e Telecomunicações - ITEC
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