Initial use of Xapian

ellie timoney ellie at
Sun Feb 18 19:38:59 EST 2018

On Fri, Feb 16, 2018, at 4:02 AM, Lists Nethead wrote:
> Some more observations,
> - When placed in START section, "squatter cmd="squatter -R -n  
> squatter", the process does the log and then just vanishes and does  
> nothing more while the "squatter" log just grows.

Hmm.  I suspect the -R and -n options are mutually exclusive.  -n is a one-shot run of the named channel (as you see); -R is the rolling mode (with no way to specify the channel).  And it looks like, as you've discovered, the -n invocation takes precedence, and the -R gets ignored.

I don't like this: I think it ought to support rolling mode on a channel name you decide.  I'll raise a github issue for this.  I'm not sure if the change will be included in a 3.0 release though, it depends on how intrusive the implementation ends up being.

In the meantime, since you're using the default squatter channel name of "squatter" anyway, it should be adequate to just run "squatter -R" from the START section.  But note that when invoked from START, you may need to kill the squatter process manually when shutting down Cyrus, depending on your environment.  Also, if the squatter process crashes or otherwise exits, master won't know how to restart it.

> - When under DAEMON with the -d option added to the above, it keeps running.
> Is this the expected behaviour?

There is a known bug in 3.0.0..3.0.5, where squatter doesn't run correctly with -R under the DAEMON section unless the -d option is also provided.  There is a fix for this in progress, which will be included in 3.0.6.

When squatter -R is invoked from the DAEMON section, the master process is able to keep track of it, restart it if it dies, and shut it down cleanly when Cyrus is shut down.  This is the proper modern way to do it... once 3.0.6 is released. :)

> Further, while poking around, I found in cyrusdb_lmdb.c:
> "cryusdb_lmdb(%s): %s", db->fname, mdb_strerror(mr));
> which presumably is a speling error :-)

Heh wow, good find!



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