Truncated text during Xapian indexing

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at
Thu Feb 15 04:44:03 EST 2018


as a follow-up to a discussion on IRC, I noticed the following diagnostic 
log line while replicating mailboxes to a new server with Xapian:

"Xapian: truncating text from message mailbox …"

Nicola replied that to her knowledge only the first 4 MB of a message are 
indexed, which led to these comments (which I hope it is OK to copy from 
the IRC channel):

^Simon^: Is that the first 4Mb of the text/html and/or text/plain parts, or 
first 4Mb of the entire message body, ignoring any mime parts?
onlight: hagedose: ^Simon^: That's a darn good question.  This needs to be 
wrapped into the documentation.  Thanks to all for this thread!
^Simon^: If it's just the first 4Mb of the body you could run into issues 
where the body is encoded in some way (eg quoted-printable)
nicola_fm: For a faster response, drop some queries about cyrus and xapian 
on the mailing list. I am a poor proxy for sending messages to Robert S!

As suggested by Nicola, I am taking it to the list :-)
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