Missing <user>.seen db files

Bron Gondwana brong at fastmailteam.com
Sat Feb 3 06:58:10 EST 2018

Hi Eric,

For the owner of the mailbox (or all users if shared seen is enabled),
the seen state is stored as a system flags in the cyrus.index file.
As for dealing with seen issues - you need to authenticate as that user
or use a tool to introspect the index file (like mbdump or my
index_uids.pl tool) to see the flags.

On Sat, 3 Feb 2018, at 08:21, Eric Cunningham wrote:
> Hi list, I had a user report that their read message status was
> lost.  I> recall having dealt with seen message db files in the past, but on my> current implementation (2.5 on FreeBSD 10.2), I'm not able to
> locate any> in or within my configdirectory, /var/spool/CyrusDB-Sieve/cyrusdb.  I> have /var/spool/CyrusDB-Sieve/cyrusdb/user/u/username.sub but
> not .seen.>   Would they be located anywhere else or perhaps the seen
>   functionality> is contained in another database file?  Without per-user <user>.seen
> files, how can 'seen' issues be dealt with for individual
> users?  Thanks!> 
> -Eric
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