Cyrus + Xapian

Albert Shih Albert.Shih at
Fri Apr 20 09:39:30 EDT 2018


I'm trying to configure xapian and cyrus-imapd, so I put this in my config

  sync_log: on
  sync_log_channels: squatter
  search_engine: xapian
  search_index_headers: no
  search_batchsize: 16384
  defaultsearchtier: t1
  t1searchpartition-default: /var/imap/search
  conversations: on
  conversations_db: twoskip

but when I launch squatter they crash randomly, meaning I can launch
squatter, it going to run during 10sec, sometime 30 sec, after that they
give a me

  squatter[34140]: indexing mailbox user.************...
  Indexing mailbox user.************... Segmentation fault

It seems (human watch) this happen only when beginning indexing a new user,
so I tough it's because he need to create the


so I create all this directory....but don't seem give any difference.

But I pretty certain squatter give a segmentation fault every *FIRST* time
he run on a user.

So I guessing I do something wrong dans squatter need some « initialize


Albert SHIH
DIO bâtiment 15
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Fri Apr 20 15:30:07 CEST 2018

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