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Am 16.04.2018 um 09:01 schrieb Albert Shih:
> Le 15/04/2018 à 01:17:00+0200, Michael Menge a écrit Hi,
>> Cyrus allows admins to proxy authenticate for users, if the sasl mech support it (PLAIN does suppot it, LOGIN does not)
>> It seems like the following imapsync options allow you to use proxy authentication
>> --authmech1 --authmech2 --authuser1 --authuser2 --proxyauth1 --proxyauth2
> I'm not sure to understand how proxyauth works. I google it and find lots of doc about...proxy imap.
> Currently I need to authenticate my user against a LDAP(openldap), so I configure saslauthd with ldap and works perfectly.
> So one of my solution is to have a getpwent (local passwd) with real login and fake password. And after the migration switch to ldap auth.

I did several migrations with imapsync in the past and it worked quite well.

Usually I use a simple script like the one I've attached.

As authuser you have to use an account with cyrus admin rights
(listed in /etc/imapd.conf). You have to know their passwords, of course.
My script expects the admin users passwords in plain text in the files
"passfile1.txt" and "passfile2.txt"

The script also expects a list of IMAP accountnames as argument.

You then call the script like this:

./ accounts

You can use the script as an example, but you have to check the options
and adapt them for your need! Use the "--dry" option first!


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