Cyrus 2.15.10. Shared folders.Bug or feature?

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> Hi Cyrus-List!
> Bugs or features?
> case_1 (shared folder and subscribe):
> Lots of users have subscribe to the same shared folder. If I delete it via
> cyradm (dm shared.folder) the users find out that they cannot unsubscribe
> from it because foldes starts to be inactive onto mail client, for example
> onto Thunderburd that folder has grey color in subsrcibe lists. Are there
> any algorithms to delete shared folders and automatically unsubscribe users
> from it?

Thunderbird bug. It should be able to subscribe and unsubscribe folders
that do not exist, and the server "MUST NOT unilaterally remove an existing
mailbox name from the subscription list even if a mailbox by that name no
longer exists", quoting RFC 3501 (IMAPv4), section 6.3.6 which explains the
reason behind it.  Of course there are cases in client-server systems where
one breaks protocol on one side to cope with software that breaks protocol
on the other! But the "MUST NOT" would explain why Cyrus doesn't
automatically unsubscribe.

Joseph Brennan
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