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Thank you for your reply - I meant exactly what I wrote - is it up to the delivery agent only (Postfix/lmpt in our  case) to decide whether to accept a sender with 8bit characters in the address and if it does will cyrus digest it. Thanks /per

On 12 May 2017 21:45:07 GMT+02:00, "Niels Dettenbach (" <nd at> wrote:
>> Am 12.05.2017 um 19:39 schrieb Per olof Ljungmark
><peo at>:
>> Does Cyrus Imap support IDN (International Domain Names) as sender
>address or is it just the delivery agent that takes care of this?
>Not sure, what you mean in detail.
>We successfully receive mail from IDN domain senders over EXIM / Cyrus,
>while it is typically not a good idea to have any IDN domain in an
>email address (lack of "standardization" / compatibility). But I’m not
>sure how reliable this works.
>> Like, for instance, über or gösta.
>> Then of course is the question if there is support for 8bit mailbox
>names as well.
>For that what i have seen - not really.
>In the past we recommended our users to avoid using i.e. german Umlauts
>within folder names, even if they seems to get „converted“ by cyrus in
>a working or even proper manner - there will be problems with several
>IMAP clients not liking this, which still have problems with that on
>their side…
>hth a bit
>Niels Dettenbach
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