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> Am 12.05.2017 um 19:39 schrieb Per olof Ljungmark <peo at>:
> Does Cyrus Imap support IDN (International Domain Names) as sender address or is it just the delivery agent that takes care of this?
Not sure, what you mean in detail.

We successfully receive mail from IDN domain senders over EXIM / Cyrus, while it is typically not a good idea to have any IDN domain in an email address (lack of "standardization" / compatibility). But I’m not sure how reliable this works.

> Like, for instance, über or gösta.
> Then of course is the question if there is support for 8bit mailbox names as well.
For that what i have seen - not really.

In the past we recommended our users to avoid using i.e. german Umlauts within folder names, even if they seems to get „converted“ by cyrus in a working or even proper manner - there will be problems with several IMAP clients not liking this, which still have problems with that on their side…

hth a bit

Niels Dettenbach
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