Sieve RFC5490 checks user quota usage

Michael Menge michael.menge at
Tue Mar 21 13:17:00 EDT 2017


Quoting Paolo Cravero <paolo.cravero at>:

> And for Nic, yes, I mean the "IMAP STORAGE quota". I would like to warn the
> user that his quota is about to fill up through an email, triggered on new
> mail arrival or login. Why? Because not all clients support reading the
> quota over IMAP or handling an alert (think of some smartphone IMAP client
> or an (active)sync system).
> Is there a way to achieve the same result somehow, with stock cyrus?

We have a daily cron-job which checks the quota usage and informs
the user via mail if more than 85% is used. The scripts limits the  mails
send to each user to one every week. An other mail is send if 100%
usage is reached.

Two other ways i can think of is parsing cyrus logs, or using the  
notify daemon


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