Problems with paragraph characters in SASL passwords?

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Wed Jun 14 10:40:20 EDT 2017

On 27.05.2017 15:48, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
> On Sat, 2017-05-27 at 10:30 -0300, Patrick Boutilier wrote:
>>> I am very happy with Cyrus imapd since many years. I am using it to
>>> host all IMAP mail boxes of my company. I am using SASL and its
>>> tools (mainly saslpasswd2) for password management. The primary
>>> IMAP client in the company is Thunderbird.
>>> As soon as the password contained a paragraph character ("§"),
>>> Cyrus / SASL refused the connection due to a wrong password even
>> Works for me from a telnet to port 143 then issuing:
>> . login <user> <password>
>> replacing user and password with correct values.
>> But it does fail in Thunderbird.
> Yep, I have experienced this type of issue numerous times.  A variety
> of clients fail to correctly encode the authentication credentials -
> particularly if you are using a chat-expect authorization like PLAIN or
> LOGIN.   To have something that always works it is best to keep
> usernames and passwords to ASCII/UTF-7.
> This is not a SASL bug. 
> This is an every-client-rolled-their-own issue. :(

Patrick and Adam,

thank you very much for taking the time and verifying the issue. And
some years ago, they stated "There will be no new Thunderbird release
because Thunderbird is ready" ...



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