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Thu Apr 27 21:59:57 EDT 2017

Hi Matt.

Apple has only licensed Apple Push for mail to a couple of large mail
providers: FastMail and Yahoo. If you own an OS X Server license, you
also get a key for personal use. But it's not generally a supported
option for third party developers at this stage that we're aware of,
We have discussed pulling the XAPPLEPUSH code out from upstream Cyrus
and leaving it in the FastMail specific overlay we use here, but right
now it remains in Cyrus against the day that Apple do decide to open
up access.
I need to update the docs to reflect the state of Apple push!


On Fri, Apr 28, 2017, at 01:20 AM, Matt Campbell wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to use Cyrus's support for the Apple push extension. I
> know I'll> have to implement my own daemon to talk to APNS, and that's no
> problem.> But how do I get the right kind of certificate to connect to APNS to
> push to I know that FastMail worked directly with Apple on
> this. Can someone at least point me to the right person or
> department at> Apple to contact, if that's necessary?
> Thanks,
> Matt
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