Set metadata (specialuse - Sent,Junk,Drafts) as admin for other user

Olaf Frączyk olaf at
Fri Apr 7 07:03:54 EDT 2017


Is there any possibility to set metadata for a users mailbox?

I need to set specialuse, so the users use correct folders for sent, 
drafts,junk. As the users use different mail clients in different 
language versions, they have a mess in their folders. Eg. Outlook 2013 
Polish and English and Thunderbird Polish and English it is impossible 
to use the same folders.

As it is impossible to set others' users private/specialuse as admin, I 
tried shared/specialuse but I got "permission denied" both for admin and 
for user.

Is it possible to impersonate admin as a user (not using user's password)?

Or maybe there is some other way to accomplish my goal?

I cannot expect from users to login via telnet and set it by themselves.

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