Cyrus IMAP 3.0.0 and Oracle Solaris/Compiler

Stefan Rapp stefan.rapp at
Thu Apr 6 03:03:36 EDT 2017

Am 05.04.2017 um 18:14 schrieb Jean-Christophe Delaye:
> On 05/04/17 15:38, Stefan Rapp wrote:

> What is your native compiler version ?
> (solarisstudio12.4 or developerstudio12.5)

I tried both compiler versions (12.4 and 12.5) and they showed the same

>> I still have 16 errors in the CUnit sieve checks, but this is identical
>> to 2.5.10. As the sieve scripts (seem to) work in our setup this could
>> be a problem of the checks ???

It was a problem of the check (cunit/sieve.testc). Solaris doesn't
support fmemopen and the replacement code fails (the assumptions about
the behavior of setbuffer are wrong on Solaris). In this special case
you can write into a temporary file and open it for reading afterwards:

/* works only for mode="r" */
static FILE *fmemopen(const void *buf, size_t len, const char *mode)
    FILE *fp;
    char *fname = xstrdup("/tmp/cyrus-cunit-fmemopenXXXXXX");
    int fd = mkstemp(fname);
    retry_write(fd, buf, len);
    fp = fopen(fname, mode);
    return fp;

And then no more errors on the sieve checks :-)


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