Bugs in cyrus murder 2.5 (was: Front End not forwarding requests to the backend)

Michael Menge michael.menge at zdv.uni-tuebingen.de
Tue Nov 15 11:08:16 EST 2016


Quoting Wolfgang Breyha via Info-cyrus <info-cyrus at lists.andrew.cmu.edu>:

> Michael Menge via Info-cyrus wrote on 07/11/16 10:30:
>> Quoting Alberto Cardenas via Info-cyrus <info-cyrus at lists.andrew.cmu.edu>:
>>> I'm trying to setup Cyrus Murder for testing and have three virtual
>>> machines for this purpose (frontend, mupdate and backend). The three
>>> machines are running Centos 6.5, SASL 2.1.23 and Cyrus 2.3.16
>> you might want to consider using a more recent cyrus Version. Cyrus 2.3.16
>> is about 7 years old. 2.5.10 is the latest stable, 3.0 will be coming out
>> soon. I don't think it has something to do with your problems but, there
>> have been many bugfixes and improvements since 2.3. And if you set up a
>> new system it would make things easier in the future.
> For murder I recommend the latest 2.4.x release. 2.5 has still several issues
> open with murder and I can not recommend using it without in deep knowledge
> how to handle them (eg. maintain your own patches). 2.4 simply works compared
> to 2.5.

Thanks for the info, we are also still running cyrus 2.4 on our  
production environment.
But mostly because that was the stable version at the time we migrated  
from stand alone
to murder setup and the "never touch a running system" mentality. I  
was not aware that
there was decreased stability for murder setup in the cyrus 2.5 version.

Do you have some specific bugs in mind?

Greetings Michael

> Greetings, Wolfgang
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