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Hi Ellie,

--On 29. März 2016 um 12:30:34 +1100 ellie timoney <ellie at fastmail.com> 

>> Ellie, can you please fix the listen statement to accept correctly
>> bracketed ipv6 and backport to at least 2.5 and 2.4, shouldn't be many
>> changes in that code.
> I don't think there's anything to fix here.  The code looks fine as is,
> just docs missing.  Unless we want to explicitly *not* accepted
> un-bracketed "ip6-address ':' port"?  But forbidding that seems silly,
> considering it requires adding code to remove functionality.

I agree.

> This code hasn't changed since 2012, when it was refactored by 306099b.
> It's in the same state (modulo tabs/spaces change) on 2.5 and master
> branches.  The 2.4 version is significantly different, as it didn't get
> the refactor (but that doesn't appear to be a problem here).
> I'm scouring the thread trying to figure out if there's even a problem
> being reported (other than lack of docs) and I can't see it.  It seems
> to have gone like:
>     Sebastian: How do I do this?
>     Various: It's not in docs, but try this...
>     Sebastian: I tried this and it worked
> Sebastian, is there anything you tried that *didn't* work, and if so,
> what happened?

The only thing I tried that didn't work was to add a IPv6 listener and to 
HUP the master process. The manpage for master reads (in my version):

       Cyrus-master rereads its configuration file when it receives a 
hangup signal, SIGHUP.   Services  and
       events  may be added, deleted or modified when the configuration 
file is reread.  Any active services
       removed from the configuration file will be allowed to run until 

>From that it isn't obvious that some class of changes to cyrus.conf 
apparently require a restart of the service. So I'm mainly asking for 
documentation fixes:

• clarify the allowed IPv6 address formats
• clarify that SIGHUP isn't enough for all (which?) config changes

Thanks, Sebastian´
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