Strange behaviour

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Sun Mar 6 14:44:02 EST 2016

Hi Stephen,

I remember documenting a similar problem not too long ago. Take a look

And see if there's any information there which helps. 



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I have a problem with cyrus imapd 2.5.7 - I connect to it with two 
clients, both of which are turned off over night. The processes however 
stay and if I start the clients again on the next morning, new processes 
get spawned instead of reusing the old ones. This continues till the 
limit for maxchild gets hit. When shutting down via initscript. which 
just sends a SIGTERM to the master process, there remain more or less 
zombies of imapd procs which can only be eliminated by sending a SIGKILL 
to the master. In the logs I see that some of the imapd procs stopped 
the way they should:

imaps[13135]: graceful shutdown

Others seemed hesitant:

master[11489]: process type:SERVICE name:imaps path:/usr/local/bin/imapd 
age:36588.013s pid:13138 exited, status 75

Is there any way to resolve this ? So far I had to restart cyrus every 
other day to have access to my mail.

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