imapd 2.5.7-8 with virtual domains and sendmail config

Mogens Melander trasherdk at
Thu Jun 2 12:18:23 EDT 2016

Thanks Alexander

I have been all over the install-virtualdomains docs, plus a lot of
deprecated info found on Google,
not getting closer to a solution.

My confic and log-files:


# $Id:,v 1.5 2008/04/04 12:46:34 murch Exp $
VERSIONID(`@(#) fumlersoft ver 1.0 2016-06-03')dnl

FEATURE(`use_cw_file')dnl    /etc/mail/local-host-names
FEATURE(`access_db', `hash -T<TMPF> /etc/mail/access')dnl
FEATURE(`virtusertable', `hash /etc/mail/virtusertable')dnl

define(`confLOCAL_MAILER', `cyrusv2')dnl


dnl --- Another failed atempt ----
dnl    Mcyrusv2,    P=[IPC], E=\r\n,
dnl        S=EnvFromSMTP/HdrFromSMTP, R=EnvToSMTP,
dnl        A=FILE /var/imap/socket/lmtp

Mcyrusv2,    P=[IPC], F=lsDFMnqA@/:|SmXz, E=\r\n,
    S=EnvFromSMTP/HdrFromSMTP, R=EnvToSMTP,
    A=FILE /var/imap/socket/lmtp

--- imapd.log

host master[4127]: about to exec /usr/cyrus/bin/lmtpd
lmtpunix[4127]: SQL backend defaulting to engine 'mysql'
lmtpunix[4127]: executed
lmtpunix[4127]: accepted connection
lmtpunix[4127]: connection from [unix socket] preauth'd as postman
lmtpunix[4127]: verify_user(host.domain.tld!user.mogens) failed: Mailbox
does not exist
master[3599]: process type:SERVICE name:lmtpunix path:/usr/cyrus/bin/lmtpd
age:77.332s pid:4127 exited normally

--- mail.log

sendmail[4658]: u52G9WlD004658: from=mogens at domain.tld, size=308, class=0,
nrcpts=1, msgid=<57505a3c.kRn+x1452XN7whvZ%mogens at domain.tld>,
relay=root at localhost
sm-mta[4659]: alias database /etc/mail/aliases.db out of date
sm-mta[4659]: u52G9Y3Y004659: from=<mogens at domain.tld>, size=468, class=0,
nrcpts=1, msgid=<57505a3c.kRn+x1452XN7whvZ%mogens at domain.tld>, proto=ESMTP,
daemon=MTA, relay=localhost.localdomain []
sendmail[4658]: u52G9WlD004658: to=domain at domain.tld,
ctladdr=mogens at domain.tld (0/0), delay=00:00:02, xdelay=00:00:02,
mailer=relay, pri=30308, relay=[] [], dsn=2.0.0,
stat=Sent (u52G9Y3Y004659 Message accepted for delivery)
sm-mta[4662]: alias database /etc/mail/aliases.db out of date
sm-mta[4662]: u52G9Y3Y004659: to=<domain at domain.tld>, delay=00:00:00,
xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=cyrusv2, pri=120468, relay=localhost, dsn=5.1.1,
stat=User unknown
sm-mta[4662]: u52G9Y3Y004659: u52G9Y3Y004662: DSN: User unknown
sm-mta[4662]: u52G9Y3Y004662: to=<mogens at domain.tld>, delay=00:00:00,
xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=cyrusv2, pri=31708, relay=localhost [[UNIX:
/var/imap/socket/lmtp]], dsn=5.1.1, stat=User unknown
sm-mta[4662]: u52G9Y3Y004662: u52G9Y3Z004662: return to sender: User unknown
sm-mta[4662]: u52G9Y3Z004662: to=postmaster, delay=00:00:00,
xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=cyrusv2, pri=32732, relay=localhost [[UNIX:
/var/imap/socket/lmtp]], dsn=5.1.1, stat=User unknown
sm-mta[4662]: u52G9Y3Y004662: Losing ./qfu52G9Y3Y004662: savemail panic
sm-mta[4662]: u52G9Y3Y004662: SYSERR(root): savemail: cannot save rejected
email anywhere

2016-06-02 21:11 GMT+07:00 Alexander Dalloz via Info-cyrus <
info-cyrus at>:

> Am 02.06.2016 um 15:09 schrieb Mogens Melander via Info-cyrus:
>> Hi Guys,
>> I've been trying to get sendmail to play nice with imap with virtual
>> domains and virtdomains: userid with no luck so far.
>> The imap part is working as far as I cat tell. I can login as
>> user at domain.tld
>> using imtest -a user at domain.tld -t "" -m login
>> I just can't seem to get my head around the sendmail part. Prevent
>> sendmail
>> from stripping the domain part off the e-mail address.
>> On a previous server, dead long time ago, it was working perfectly.
>> I have tried different versions of files to no avail.
>> Does anybody feel like sharing a working sendmail config?
>> Mogens
>> FumlerSoft
> The documentation at
> holds all information needed to setup virtual domain handling within
> Sendmail and cyrus-imapd. Pay specific attention to the part
> "You'll have to use the Cyrus mailer in LMTP mode, and you'll have to
> change the mailer flags so that it provides the full domain while
> communicating via LMTP. Specifically these changes:
> S=EnvFromSMTP/HdrFromSMTP, R=EnvToSMTP"
> In case that's not sufficient for you I think you will have to provide
> details about the configuration you have setup so far.
> Alexander
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