imapd 2.5.7-8 with virtual domains and sendmail config

Mogens Melander trasherdk at
Thu Jun 2 09:09:48 EDT 2016

Hi Guys,

I've been trying to get sendmail to play nice with imap with virtual
domains and virtdomains: userid with no luck so far.

The imap part is working as far as I cat tell. I can login as
user at domain.tld
using imtest -a user at domain.tld -t "" -m login

I just can't seem to get my head around the sendmail part. Prevent sendmail
from stripping the domain part off the e-mail address.

On a previous server, dead long time ago, it was working perfectly.

I have tried different versions of files to no avail.

Does anybody feel like sharing a working sendmail config?

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