determine whan the mailbox was last accessed

Eugene M. Zheganin emz at
Tue Jan 12 03:31:58 EST 2016


On 28.12.2015 18:11, Bron Gondwana via Info-cyrus wrote:
> You'd be looking for the "recenttime" field in the mailbox.  Interestingly, it
> appears you can get it via the 'fud' daemon, but it's not exposed via an
> annotation.
> If you create a bug in bugzilla (or phabricator) to remind us... it's probably
> not too hard to create an annotation that you can read via cyradm - the
> data is there.
Thanks, I was partially able to use perl tools to access the mailbox
info. I mean, I was able to use the perl tools, but clearly some
permissions are missing: I'm getting the PERMDENY answer. I'm also
seeing that 'PERMDENY' status is supposed to be handled by the Perl
Net::FUD module (which for some reason still isn't in the CPAN), but
recent fud version for some reason sends some weird symbol '^@' instead
of \0, so Net::FUD, as it's written in ,
is unable to parse this error in it's present state.

So, main question is - what permission does the fud need on the mailbox
to be able to provide info about it ?


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