unable to delete corrupted mail box on cyrus v2.3.16

Sophie Loewenthal sophie.loewenthal at trimbletl.com
Mon Jan 11 09:51:39 EST 2016


I have a broken mailbox that I would like to delete.

This is Cyrus v2.3.16 on CentOS 6.

 I tried reconstructing the mailbox from scratch ( Because I suspect this was manually deleted from disc ). 

mkdir imap-store/spool/imap/domain/example.com/user/kat^long
cd imap-store/spool/imap/domain/example.com/user/kat^long
chmod 755 .
chown cyrus:mail .
touch cyrus.header
chown cyrus:mail cyrus.header

log into cyradm: 
localhost> lam user/kat.long
kat.long at example.com lrswipkxtecda
localhost> reconstruct -r user/kae.long
reconstruct: Mailbox has an invalid format
localhost> dm user/kat.long
deletemailbox: Permission denied

Names and domain names replaced with false entries.

How could I remove this?

Kind regards, 

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