replication with virtual domains

Michael Plate plate at
Thu Feb 4 05:57:13 EST 2016


I'm going to sync between a Gentoo (master) and a Debian 8 machine 
(replica), Gentoo on Cyrus 2.4.17, Debian on "testing" Cyrus 2.4.18 
because of broken sync in "stable" 
I am using virtual domains.

I've tried synctest from the master and it works perfectly.

Things get awful when I try to use sync_client -u or -m, I believe I 
have a mistake in the format of the user or mailbox in the command.


sync_client -v -l -u forname.lastname at


USER forname^lastname at
Error from do_user(forname^lastname at bailing out!

with mailbox:

sync_client -v -l -m user/forname.lastname at

Error from do_mailboxes(): bailing out!

sync_client -v -l -m forname.lastname at
Error from do_mailboxes(): bailing out!

I can see the connect and successful login on the replica.

Where is the mistake ?



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