how to deal with mail retention/archival.

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I saw that someone proposed to make a sort of abuse of delayed expunge,
but I think that in order to comply with regulatory retention should be
better considering some specific software.

I don't see how using delayed expunge would really be consider abuse, the documentation makes mention of its use for this very reason.

"In any case, the time between a message arriving and being deleted may not be sufficient to ensure the message is replicated, included in the next backup cycle, and generally available for recovery or compliance with the regulatory environment."

We use rsync to make a duplicate of the email spool to a file server at regular intervals, which eventually makes its way to tape. Although we don't have regulatory requirements I've had to do a few recoveries and have done so without problem.

in our case we have cyr_expire set to 3 days (I believe the default config), which provides more than enough time to in case a backup fails for some reason or another.

For example: (Fully Free Software) (the old version is opensource but the
latest is closed)

The specific software will be much better for searching the archive.
Finding something in the delayed_expunge folders after many years of
archive will absolutely be a nightmare!

Of course these tools offer features but that all comes at a price.


On 08/26/2016 03:09 PM, Alvin Starr via Info-cyrus wrote:
A company I am working with is facing issues of regulatorymail retention.

Some searching has yielded little useful results other than putting a
system in front to store all incoming messages.

What are others doing for mail archival?

An ideal solution would let the users carry on using current use
patterns and not impose extra restrictions.

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