Migrating IMAP from Cyrus v2.2.13 to Cyrus v2.4.17

Jack Snodgrass jack at mylinuxguy.net
Fri Apr 8 09:16:46 EDT 2016

someone posted ( thanks ) a script with some commands that they used to 
migrate their cyrus imap data.

In there they had:

# move over all seen, sub files
rsync -Havz --delete-after -e ssh cyrus at oldserver:/var/lib/imap/user/ 

# move over quota files
rsync -Havz --delete-after -e ssh cyrus at oldserver:/var/lib/imap/quota/ 

which I'd LOVE to do.. but I don't have files in those directories. I 
know what I have 'seen' flags set.. but not sure where  / how they are 
stored with Cyrus V2.2.x.

I have:
find  /var/lib/cyrus/user
but no files in those empty dirs.

what am I looking for EXACTLY in those dirs.. maybe we have them 
someplace else.
We don't have anything in /var/lib/imap.. we use /var/lib/cyrus

Thanks - jack

*jack* - Southlake Texas - http://mylinuxguy.net 
<http://mylinuxguy.net/> - *817-601-7338*
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